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Black Balloon Project, 2020
photo credit: Brandy LeAnn Photography

… so much more than recovery …

Starting a career as a writer by effing up my life, on a dodecatonic scale, has surely made it so falling flat is no longer an option. I spent my life prior to this symphony as a slow-ass caterpillar, but after being wrapped in a cocoon-like fermata, I’ve emerged as a beast-mode butterfly. High octaves or low ones, charges or acquittals, one thing is certain: I’m living life now in semibreve, and I sure as hell don’t want any more treble.

Let’s make music together, with genuine connection, the chorus a whole-hearted and repeating belief that we’re all worth it. This is my requiem for resonance, a sonnet for recovery, one whose verses will pierce your soul and make you believe that you’re worthy of it, too.